First Tastes


Chicken Lettuce Wraps(4)                                             $6.00

Crab Rangoon(4)                                                         $2.00

Fried wonton(8)                                                           $2.00

Egg Roll                                                                     $1.00

Hot & Sour Soup(Pint)                                                 $1.00

Egg Drop Soup(Pint)                                                   $1.00

Wonton Soup (4)                                                         $2.00

Pan Fried Dumplings(6)                                             $6.00

Shumai Dumplings (4)                                               $6.00                                                   



Chicken Salad                                                            $6.50.

Noodle & Rice Bowls



Beef Noodle Soup                                                     $6.00

Chicken Noodle Soup                                                $6.00

Dan Dan Noodle                                                       $6.00

Pad Thai Noodle                                                       $6.00

Fried Rice                                                                   $5.00

LoMain(Noodle)                                                       $5.00

Add Chicken or Beef                                                  $1.00

Add Shrimp                                                               $2.00

Signature Dishes with Rice or Noodle




CHICKEN                                                               $8.00

     Sweet & Sour Chicken              

     Orange Flavored Chicken       

     Sesame Chicken

     Szechwan Chicken                               

     Kung Pao Chicken                              

     Chicken with Mushroom

     Cashew Chicken

    Mongolian Chicken

    Black Pepper Chicken

    Curry Chicken

    Chicken with Broccoli


BEEF                                                                       $8.00   

     Beef with Broccoli

     Orange Beef

     Sesame Beef          

     Kung Pao Beef

     Szechwan Beef       

     Spicy Beef(Black bean Beef)

     Black Pepper Beef

     Mongolian Beef

     BBQ Short Ribs


PORK                                                                        $8.00

     Szechwan Pork

     Sweet & Sour Pork


VEGETABLES                                                          $8.00

     Mushroom Tofu

     Vegetable Chop Suey

    Ma Po Tofu


SEAFOOD                                                                $9.00

     Seafood Deluxy

     Shrimp in Lobster Sauce

     Sweet Sour Shrimp

     Garlic Shrimp

     Kung Pao Shrimp

     Shrimp Chop Suey 

     Walnut Shrimp